Caregivers: Top Reminders When Driving With Young Ones

Caregivers: Top Reminders When Driving With Young Ones

Below are some top reminders when driving with young ones. Did you know three out of four car seats are installed improperly, with some studies showing that the misuse rate is 90% with the average car seat having three mistakes?. 

Tip 1: No Talking or Texting on the phone While Driving

Why: Talking on the phone (whether hands-free or hand-held) increases your risk of being in a crash by two to four times, and texting by eight times.  In 2009, almost 6,000 people were killed and a half-million were injured in crashes related to driver distraction (NHTSA, 2010). 

Solution:  Stop texting/talking on the phone when driving.  There are texting and driving apps that you can download to restrict functions available on your smartphone while the car is moving.  Make sure to keep phones put away while driving to not only keep you and your passengers’ safety but to also be a good role model for others.  

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Tip 2: Everyone in the Car Should Always buckle Up

Why:  Studies show that when someone rides in back without their seat belt, the other passengers in the car who are wearing their seat belt are up to 3 times more likely to die in that same crash because the unbelted person becomes a human missile and due to the G-forces, their weight becomes several thousand pounds instead of their normal weight (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).

Solution:  Everyone in the car should wear their seat belt on every trip. In 2017, seat belts saved an estimated 14,955 lives (NHTS).

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