Creating a Breastfeeding Sanctuary for You and Baby

Building a Breastfeeding Sanctuary
Creating a sanctuary where you nurse your baby enhances the experience and further strengthens the bonding between mother and baby inherent in breastfeeding.

Establishing a comfortable, dedicated place where you nurse your baby can only benefit both of you. A breastfeeding sanctuary where you focus completely on your little one can only strengthen the bonding that naturally occurs through breastfeeding.  

If you have committed to breastfeeding your baby, get comfortable. It will benefit you, your baby and your breastfeeding experience, So put some thought into creating a special space for you to bond with your little one.

Creating a Breastfeeding Sanctuary

Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Comfortable chair – Breastfeeding a newborn takes up much of the day so a comfy chair that supports your back and lets you shift positions, or even recline, is a must. A foot rest or foot stool is also important.
  • Pillows – Nursing pillows or sleeves are great for taking some of the strain off your arms, back and neck.
  • Blanket – A lightweight throw is perfect for covering up when you feel a chill.
  • Breastfeeding goodie bag/basket – A bag or basket filled with bottled water, healthy snacks, magazines, phone, burp cloths and any remote controls you might need. Keep this close at hand so you can easily grab what you need without disturbing your baby.
  • Music – Listening to soothing music is a great way for you to unwind and we’re sure baby will love it too.

Your breastfeeding sanctuary may be in a private nook in your home where you can close the door and dim the lights for privacy. Or you might prefer to be in the center of things so you can ask for help when you need it or chat with whoever else is around. Decide what type of setting works best for you and your baby. Remember, you will be spending a lot of time in this space so it is important that it is comfortable for both of you!

If you have additional questions about breastfeeding, call the Lactation Connection at Renown health and consult with one of our certified lactation consultants.