Breastfeeding Through Your Baby's Growth Spurts


As you can imagine, so-called growth spurts are an ongoing occurrence in babies. From a few days after birth through nine months old your baby will likely experience a series of growth spurts. When your baby is growing you may notice that he or she is fussier than usual. breastfeeding

Also, as babies grow they become hungrier. They may want to nurse more which is a good thing for both of you since the more you nurse, the more milk your body will produce.

Here are some things to keep in mind during growth spurts:

  • Keep an eye on their weight. If your child does not seem to be gaining weight or keeps a dry diaper for unusually long periods of time, talk to your pediatrician.
  • Increase your water intake. It’s important to stay hydrated so your body can keep up with the increased demand for milk production.
  • Breastfeed on demand. Nursing when your baby is hungry will also trigger your body to produce more milk.
  • Listen to your baby’s cues. The best way to handle your baby’s growing spurt is to just relax and listen to your baby’s cues.

If you have any questions about baby’s weight, and/or breastfeeding in general, talk to your physician or a certified lactation consultant. The Lactation Connection offers private appointments for you to meet with a board-certified lactation consultant and to weigh and keep track of baby’s weight.