Baby on Board: Surprising Delivery en Route to the Hospital

car delivery

It may be a familiar movie scene you know all too well – mom in pain and labor with dad speeding down the road to the hospital. But in this real-life situation, the mad rush to the hospital wasn’t quite quick enough. Baby Flor was born in the front seat of the car 30 minutes away.

Eva Angelina Rodriguez-Fonseca was at home in Yerington, Nev. when the contractions started — 11 days before she was due. She called her husband, Jose, to drive her to the hospital in Reno, but when he picked her up the pain worsened.

Eva called Renown Regional Medical Center – where they were headed for the delivery – but knew they wouldn’t make it in time. They were instructed to drive to the Fernley Urgent Care instead.Car Delivery

But baby Flor couldn’t wait.

“About three minutes away from Fernley I had severe pain,” Eva says. “I pushed once and the baby was halfway out. My husband told me to push again and our baby girl was here. My husband had one hand driving and one hand holding our new baby.”

It all happened as they were pulling up to the urgent care.  Jose ran inside to get help and nurse practitioner Kasie Reynolds, APRN, and Dr. Jennifer Vogt rushed outside to the car while another employee called an ambulance.

“The front office told me a father came in and said his wife just gave birth in the car in the parking lot,” Kasie says. “So I grabbed cloths and ran out.”

Care Team Jumps Into Action

When Kasie and Dr. Vogt reached the baby, they said she was in great shape but the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck.

After they got her untangled, they cleared her airway and then focused on getting her to cry by flicking her feet and patting her back. Once the ambulance arrived, they cut the umbilical cord and gave Flor some oxygen as a precaution.

Dr. Vogt and Kasie said mom, dad and baby were in the parking lot just 10 minutes before leaving for Renown Regional for additional care.

This was the first baby delivered at the Fernley Urgent Care since it opened in 2006. Fortunately, it was nothing new to Dr. Vogt or Kasie.Car Delivery

“Through medical school training I probably delivered about 20 babies and during residency rotations I resuscitated several hundred babies,” Dr. Vogt says. “It’s been about four years since I delivered. Luckily, you just sort of fall back into it.”

It’s a similar story for Kasie who has performed many resuscitations in the past. “It’s different this time though because normally you have all the equipment.”

The patients at the urgent care were also in on the excitement.

“Patients in the lobby were posting on Facebook and telling friends and family about the delivery as we were treating Flor,” Dr. Vogt says. “And there was a lot of cheering when we got the baby to cry. It was definitely a big event for this small town.”

Basking in the Newborn Glow

“On the way to the hospital, I breastfed the baby for the first time in the ambulance,” Eva says. “I received really good help from the paramedics, and the doctor and nurses in Fernley were a great help as well.”

However, Eva says her greatest appreciation goes to the man behind the wheel.

“The only person who helped me give birth was my husband. Well, my husband and God,” says Eva.

After their adventurous delivery, both Eva and Flor recovered well at Renown Regional and returned home to Yerington to rejoin the rest of the family including Flor’s two siblings — 8 and 11 year old sisters.

Eva says her girls are excited for a new baby sister “but they were more excited about her being born in the car.”

We send our congratulations to the entire family, as well as a big thank you to Dr. Vogt, Kasie, the paramedics and everyone in Fernley for a job well done.

Did You Know?

In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported just 6,600 babies born before their mothers could reach the hospital in the U.S.

That’s 18 per day compared to the nearly 11,000 born each day nationwide – making up only 0.16 percent of daily births.