A Love of Reading Begins at Home


Read Loud, Read Proud! Celebrate Read a Book Day With Your Family

Developing a love for reading begins at home and we have some tips for reading with your children:reading

Create a special reading place. Keep age-appropriate books and magazines on shelves they can reach. Keep it organized and appealing. Change the materials often — add seasonal books, rotate different magazines and include books that relate to what kids are interested in or studying in school. For younger kids, try decorating the corner with your child’s artwork or writing.

Make it a routine. Whether it’s right before breakfast or right before bed, set aside a special time every day to read. Try setting aside a day for a special trip to the library.

Give lots of encouragement. Read a book out loud to your young child – point to the pictures, say the words together, get into character, make sounds!

Create opportunities to read and write beyond the pages. Provide kids with different ways to read every day – write notes and leave them in their lunchbox or coat pocket. On road trips or errands, play word games or read the signs they see while on the road.

Most important – be a reader yourself. Kids who see their parents reading are likely to imitate them and become readers too.

Celebrate and encourage reading each day with your children. For more reading tips and resources, be sure to visit your local library.