8 Activities For Kids While Self-Isolating

A mature father with a black dog and a toddler son in an autumn forest, using binoculars during self-isolation

It’s been a week since most individuals started practicing self-isolation, and to your kids, this may feel like a lifetime. As parents, it can be overwhelming to help the kids stick to a schedule at home and still find the time, or energy, to sprinkle in fun activities throughout the day. Rather than think of these activities as a chore, think of them as opportunities to bring your family closer together.

1. Start a garden

Spring is here, which means it’s the perfect time to start planning your garden as a family. The kids can map out the garden on paper and create a list of supplies you will need. If the weather allows, take your map and get out there and start planting together.

2. Get in the kitchen

Ask the kids to create their own signature dish using a designated ingredient list. Not only will they be excited to share what they made, they will also learn some simple lessons about nutrition and the joy of preparing food as a family.

3. Create a scavenger hunt

Create a list of things or objects for your kids to find in a fun, springtime scavenger hunt. It can be anything from a hair brush to a green leaf, or even something to protect you from spring showers. Give them a few small prizes at the end to make it extra special.

4. Start a dance party

Crank up the music and let loose. Pick a playlist that everyone can rock out to. Extra kudos to family members who think up their very own dance move!

5. ‘Do It Yourself’ crafts

Get creative and pick a DIY craft that will be fun and easy for you and your kids such as sand art, candles, soap or even picture frames. There is sure to be something that will grab their attention and spark their creative juices. Check out this list of 50 DIY projects that you and the kids will love!

6. Have a game night

Break out those board games and have a night of laughs and friendly competition. Plan a tournament among your family and play games each day until there is a final winner.

Please remember to keep a safe distance from others, (six feet apart) while outdoors or outside of your home.

7. Get outside

Go on a nature walk and turn it into an adventure. Take notes of how many different types of trees or animals you see while walking, or stop along the walk to do some easy sketching of plants or landscapes in a journal.
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8. Chalk it up

If you’ve been outside lately, you’ve likely stumbled upon some beautiful chalk art lining driveways and sidewalks. With everything from inspirational quotes to doodles of flowers, spaceships and animals, chalk art is a fun way to add some color and positivity to the neighborhood.