’36 Hours for Kids’ Supports Renown Children’s Hospital


Alice 96.5 hosted their annual 36-hour radiothon at Renown Regional Medical Center.

There’s a lot to talk about in 36 hours.

At 6 a.m., Jan. 22,  patients and their families, doctors and nurses, community leaders and volunteers came together to share stories of courage, overcoming obstacles and living with rare diseases. They also shared the inspiration, help and care they received at Renown Children’s Hospital.

During Alice 96.5’s third annual “36 Hours for Kids” Radiothon there were tears, laughter, dogs and mascots, as radio personalities Bill Schultz, Connie Wray and RJ Palominos broadcasted live around the clock to raise donations to benefit the children’s hospital – our region’s only Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

The trio also participated in the Miracle Playhouse Project, where each designed their own custom playhouse that is being auctioned off through Jan. 30. All proceeds will also benefit the children’s hospital.

One of the families who shared their story on-air was mom Charlene Norvell about her 9-month-old son Asher.

Charlene holds her sons and kisses 9-month-old Asher.
Charlene Norvell holds her sons before going on-air during the radiothon, kissing 9-month-old Asher.

On April 24, 2014, Charlene gave birth to Asher unexpectedly in the parking lot of the daycare where her other son went to school in Herlong, Calif. He was born at 1 pound, 14 ounces and spent 147 consecutive days in the NICU at the children’s hospital.

Charlene says the nurses were instrumental in helping her care for Asher, who today weighs 8 pound, 14 ounces, and is still fed through a gastrostomy feeding tube (g-button) and breathes through a tracheostomy.

“They’re so important. They taught me to care for my child — he requires suctioning, to be fed through a port — they taught me all of that so I could come home,” Charlene says. “They still teach me. I’ll text them, and they want to teach me things and make things easier at home. They deserve all the support they can get.”

April Tucker, a registered nurse in Labor and Delivery, also shared her perspective of why it’s important to support the children’s hospital.

“We do a lot of good work here and we make a difference in our community in a huge way. This is the only children’s hospital in the area and raising money for a hospital allows us to go above and beyond basic care and allows us to do extra things we would otherwise be unable to… it allows us to do a better job.”

* * * * 

The 2015 Radiothon raised $100,000 — nearly double what it raised last year. Thank you to all who helped out, donated or shared their story!

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