TEDx Video: Renown CEO Talks Candidly about Health and Healthcare


TED Talks offer a source of inspiration, reflection, contemplation and action. During the University of Nevada, Reno’s recent round of talks, Renown CEO Tony Slonim engaged in a frank discussion about the state of community health and healthcare.

“Healthcare is in a state of chaos,” said Dr. Tony Slonim, CEO of Renown Health, his opening words in a recent TED talk titled “Healthcare Reform that Creates Healthier Communities.”

And his discussion focused on several key points. Namely, healthcare providers needs to think differently about how healthcare is designed, how healthcare intersects with community challenges, what we do to help people who are sick/injured and healthy, as well as how to care for the entire person.

WATCH the TEDx Video: Dr. Slonim Talks Frankly About Healthcare

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“Some people get really good care, others don’t,” Dr. Slonim suggests, revealing anecdotes from his own experience in treatment for a cancer diagnosis. And he adds that in order to improve care for our family, friends, neighbors and community, healthcare as a whole needs to undertake a few critical reforms: 

  • Redesign the system by creating geographically distributed networks in communities.
  • Pay attention to needs of the community and intervene where possible — social determinants like poverty, crime and lack of education, among others, contribute to lower health status. 
  • Focus on healthcare for the sick or injured as well as supporting people during life — help them maintain good health by managing stress, addictions, controlling obesity, etc. 
  • Take a comprehensive look at the people healthcare systems are serving — not necessarily as just patients — and make sure they’re addressing the needs of the whole person from a mind, body and spirit perspective.

Tony Slonim - TEDx talk“If we do that, we will not only be improving the community’s health, we will actually create healthy communities,” he concluded.

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  1. Absolutely excellent. The vision expressed in this talk made me very proud to be part of this healthcare community. Thank you Dr. Slonim.