Putting the Patient in the Driver’s Seat


Renown Health President and CEO, Tony Slonim, M.D., Dr.PH., FACHE, discusses Renown Health’s efforts to empower the patient to take an active role in their health.

My experience as a practicing physician has taught me that making a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan are just the first steps in helping a patient improve their health. It is equally important to help patients take an active role in managing their health and making necessary changes to their behavior. Engaged patients are more likely to monitor their symptoms, follow their treatment plans, and also stick with healthy lifestyle changes.

At Renown Health, we believe it is our responsibility to provide the information and tools that make it easy for people to manage their health. While some people may be intrinsically motivated to do this, others may need extra encouragement. Renown looks for unique opportunities to engage people in a conversation about health and make it easy to access information — from electronic medical records, to genetic data from the Healthy Nevada Project, to blog posts sharing healthy recipes. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to take an active role in their health.


Ultimately, engaged patients are vital to any efforts to make measurable, lasting improvements in health and wellness.

Dr. Anthony Slonim is an innovator and proven leader in healthcare on both the regional and national levels. During his notable career at major healthcare organizations and academic institutions, Dr. Slonim has developed a national profile as an expert in patient safety, accountable care, healthcare quality and also innovative care delivery models focused on improving health within the community. For more Healthy Perspectives, follow Dr. Slonim on Twitter.