From the CEO: The Importance of Nursing


Renown Health President and CEO Tony Slonim, M.D., Dr.PH., FACHE, worked as an ER nurse before becoming a physician. With that firsthand experience, Tony talks about the importance of nursing and the many ways nurses shape patients’ health. 

Nurses are at the heart of Renown’s commitment to patient-centered care. They serve as caregivers, confidantes, advocates, teachers and innovators; and these are just a few of the countless ways they serve our patients, organization and community. 

The Importance of Nursing, Explained

At Renown, we want every nurse to know how much we appreciate the long hours, clinical expertise, and compassion they give to our organization and their patients. To that end, we have worked to create an environment where nurses feel welcome and valued.

We emphasize honoring the positive impact nurses have on Renown patients, as well as providing opportunities for our nurses to continue their education and advance their clinical skills. We also invest in the careers of the next generation of nurses by partnering with local nursing schools and include our Chief Nursing Officer on our executive council to help guide our organization with a nurse’s unique perspective.

Thank you to each and every one of our nurses and the outstanding efforts you contribute every day.


Dr. Anthony Slonim is an innovator and proven leader in healthcare on both the regional and national levels. During his notable career at major healthcare organizations and academic institutions, Dr. Slonim has developed a national profile as an expert in patient safety, accountable care, healthcare quality and innovative care delivery models focused on improving health within the community. For more Healthy Perspectives, follow Dr. Slonim on Twitter.