Healthy Nevada Project: The Next Generation


Renown Health President and CEO Tony Slonim, M.D., DrPH, announces phase two of the historic Healthy Nevada Project. 

The Healthy Nevada Project is making history again with the opening of phase two genomic sequencing to an additional 40,000 northern Nevadans.

One of the most significant challenges in modern healthcare is identifying solutions to prevent illness and maximize health. We know medical care plays only a small part in shaping our health. Our genetic data, socioeconomic factors and the overall environment all play significant roles in our health and well-being.

That’s why studies like the Healthy Nevada Project are so promising. By forming strategic partnerships with the Desert Research Institute and personal genomics company Helix, we are actively studying the intersection between genetic, clinical, social and environmental data. We will use those insights to help individuals live healthier lives while ultimately improving health statewide.

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Learn more about phase two of the Healthy Nevada Project where we are offering an additional 40,000 Nevadans the opportunity to have their DNA sequenced at no cost. Visit for the latest information about our ground-breaking population health study.

Dr. Anthony Slonim is an innovator and proven leader in healthcare on both the regional and national levels. During his notable career at major healthcare organizations and academic institutions, Dr. Slonim has developed a national profile as an expert in patient safety, accountable care, healthcare quality and innovative care delivery models focused on improving health within the community. For more Healthy Perspectives, follow Dr. Slonim on Twitter

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    • Hello Julie, Thank you for your interest! The 10,000-person open enrollment period has closed and we are now moving into demographic-based groups for the next 30,000 testing slots. I would encourage you to provide your basic demographic information here: If you qualify, we will reach out to have you test. Additionally, we aim to expand the study to the entire state, so when that happens, we will reach out to everyone interested in testing. Thanks so much for your interest. Let me know if you have any questions! Roseann