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Redefining Healthcare

“Creating a New Healthcare” is a podcast series with Dr. Zeev Neuwirth, for those looking for fresh perspectives, new solutions and inspiration in their journey to advance value-based care. His latest guest is Dr. Tony Slonim, MD, DrPH, FACHE, President and CEO of Renown Health — listen as they discuss redefining healthcare.

Redefining Healthcare

Zeev Neuwirth, MD, interviews Dr. Tony Slonim to learn how Renown Health is reframing healthcare – literally redefining healthcare and reorganizing healthcare delivery. In this episode of Dr. Zeev’s podcast, you’ll hear about:

  • How Dr. Slonim caught the healthcare industry’s attention by launching the Healthy Nevada Project®, the first population health initiative that combines genetic, environmental, social and clinical data to address individual and community health needs.

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  • The reorganization of the Renown Health system into two major divisions – a ‘health’ division addressing preventive, population-based, public health needs; and a ‘healthcare’ division comprised of acute care facilities and chronic disease management providers and services. 
  • Why Dr. Slonim believes that the doctor’s prescription pad is a metaphor for the constraints of our system and what a better “prescription” for care looks like.
  • How Dr. Slonim’s background in public health, combined with his own long-term experience as a patient, shaped his perspective and his approach to healthcare delivery. 

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Listen to Episode #71 – Understanding the Health AND Healthcare Needs of a Community – with Dr. Tony Slonim as he discusses redefining healthcare.

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