Robotic Surgery Brings Outstanding Results to Two-Time Cancer Patient


Surgical procedures have come a long way in the last few years. Thanks to technological advances in medicine, patients can now opt for da Vinci robotic surgery. This minimally invasive procedure is changing the lives of surgery patients with smaller incisions, less blood loss, shorter hospital stays and exponentially faster recovery times. Cancer survivor Debra Hill affirms: “There’s no other way to have surgery.”

Debra underwent surgery 10 years ago for kidney cancer. The result? A successful removal of the cancer. But Debra was left to contend with nearly 100 staples from her stomach to her back, an arduous four-month recovery and severe scarring. robotic surgery

She was determined to start living again, and with optimism and an unwavering eye to the future, Debra did recover.

Eventually she went back to work and enjoying her family — which, of course, included quality time with her dog Pebbles who Debra says “stuck by me through thick and thin.”

At age 57, Debra celebrated 10 years cancer-free, but the party was short-lived. She started feeling the abdomen pain and nausea associated with kidney cancer.

The cause of the symptoms was sobering: doctors found yet another cancerous tumor in the same kidney.

Given her past experience with surgery, Debra remembers feeling scared and hesitant to undergo another surgical procedure when she met with Angelo Kanellos, MD, urologist, da Vinci robotic surgeon. But her fears dissipated when Dr. Kanellos told her about physician-guided da Vinci Robotic Surgery. He explained to Debra that this minimally invasive procedure was a considerable improvement over surgical procedures of the past — she would experience less pain, blood loss and a much faster recovery.

And with a small incision Debra would not suffer through the staples and scarring of her previous surgery.

“From 10 years ago to today my recovery time has been amazing. Ten years ago I wouldn’t be sitting here doing this interview. I’d still be at home trying to get up every morning,” Debra says.

Find out what differences the da Vinic surgery made in Debra’s life.

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