Fighting For Her Life: Breast Cancer 2 Bikini


After successfully fighting breast cancer, Thonet LaBadie was ready to focus her attention on reclaiming her health. Watch her journey from Breast Cancer 2 Bikini.

Thonet LaBadie’s journey with breast cancer began when she received a diagnosis on Feb. 13, 2015 — a day she’ll always remember. Since then she has had six surgeries, including a bi-lateral mastectomy. LaBadie underwent eight rounds of chemotherapy and 33 radiation treatments. She lost her hair, gained weight from the drugs and became too tired to continue her normal workouts and runs.

“My whole body — I didn’t recognize myself,” LaBadie says. “There was a feeling like you didn’t want to complain about that because you are alive. And if this was going to be the new me, well then, I guess I just needed to accept it. But there was a part of me that was missing and I knew I wanted to find that.”

LaBadie’s niece first suggested the Breast Cancer 2 Bikini challenge. It’s a rigorous 221-day body-building program through Evoke Fitness in Reno. The participants ate an extremely lean diet and exercised up to three times a day, including weight lifting and aerobic sessions, before the Oct. 7 Best of the West Classic competition. LaBadie lost 40 pounds and dramatically improved her body fat ratio from 40 to 18 percent.

Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention at Renown

Breast cancer begins when abnormal cells in the breast grow out of control. These cells form tumors that can grow into the surrounding tissue and spread to other parts of the body. Breast cancer occurs mostly in women, but men can also develop breast cancer.

To schedule a mammogram or whole breast ultrasound, call 775-982-8100 or schedule an appointment online.

“The bikini is the tiniest part of this journey,” LaBadie says. “Everything else about it is gigantic compared to that tiny bikini. The Breast Cancer 2 Bikini Challenge was the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle that was missing and now has been found. I’m back. ”


  1. You are RIPPED!!!! Ha! Everyone at the IFC sends our congrats and admiration your way. You have made the journey look graceful my friend.
  2. Thonet, Your video was beautiful and your journey difficult. Glad your still around and kicking butt. Thanks for sharing. Fellow breast cancer survivor, diagnosed June 3, 2015, Maria Martinez