Emma Johnson’s Cancer Journey Made Brighter with Extended Family


“It’s easier when you have support at these kinds of things, for sure,” says Emma Johnson of her experience with chemo. See a snapshot of her cancer journey — highlighted by the support of friends and family — through this video. 

Every month, teenager Emma Johnson gets chemotherapy treatment at Infusion Services at Renown Children’s Hospital. It takes eight hours to complete, and Emma gets through it with a lot of help from her family members, who are able to visit and have some distracting fun with Emma during her treatments.

Cancer Care from Renown ‘Family’

The treatments have been going on for more than a year to shrink cancerous tumors that wrapped around her optic nerve and spread to her spine. In this BestMedicine video, Emma talks about when she found out she had cancer, goes through the routine of what her treatment entails, and the care she’s receiving from what she calls her “family” of nurses.


“Everyone’s super supportive and they’re here for whatever I need,” Emma says.

Mary Jeppson, RN, also talks about her own journey in cancer nursing, and also confirms what’s apparent from Emma’s story: “She’s a rock star.”



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