Cancer Survivor Susan Wells

Breast Cancer Survivor Stories

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of this disease. Please join us in celebrating five inspiring breast cancer survivor stories from Hometown Health employees who have defeated breast cancer. Our hope is their stories will inspire you to take action and schedule a mammogram today.

Stories from Cancer Survivors
Part I: Jennifer’s Story | Part III: Ilene’s Story | Part IV: Heather’s Story | Part V: Wendy’s Story

Susan Wells, Quality Performance Specialist – Part II

18 Month Survivor – Stage 4, Metastatic Breast Cancer

I always had normal mammograms and with no family history of cancer, I never thought it could happen to me. However, prior to my last mammogram I started noticing changes in one of my breasts, so I requested a 3D mammogram, which showed a mass that was confirmed to be cancer through a biopsy.

I chose to have a bilateral mastectomy, followed by aggressive chemotherapy and radiation. I am grateful for the testing that was available to me, which identified this disease and allowed me to fight.

“Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘You cannot withstand the storm.’ The warrior replied back ‘I AM THE STORM.’”


Breast Cancer Screening & Prevention

Women 25 and older should have a formal risk assessment for breast cancer.
Request a mammogram or total breast ultrasound, find Women’s Health locations, cancer support group information and calendar events.

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