Cancer Survivor Ilene Evans

Breast Cancer Survivor Stories

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of this disease. Please join us in celebrating five inspiring breast cancer survivor stories from Hometown Health employees who have defeated breast cancer. Our hope is their stories will inspire you to take action and schedule a mammogram today.

Stories from Cancer Survivors
Part I: Jennifer’s Story | Part II: Susan’s Story | Part IV: Heather’s Story | Part V: Wendy’s Story

Ilene Evans, Manager of Planning – Part III

Cancer Survivor Ilene Evans

My mother passed away from breast cancer at the age of fifty-six when I was just thirty-one. The doctors only gave her two years to live after the initial diagnosis and she made it thirteen!

I have always been diligent with my own exams, both self exams and mammograms, so the diagnosis of my breast cancer was very surprising to me. At the age of fifty-one, I felt a “hard area,” not even a lump. When I went in for my regularly scheduled appointment, I asked them to pay close attention to that area. The 3D mammogram didn’t see anything, so I asked for further testing. Ultimately, through an MRI, the tumor was found and diagnosed. Through this process, I have focused on the right mental attitude, staying busy and active, and always making sure my family’s lives were “normal”.

“Battle On.”


Breast Cancer Screening & Prevention

Women 25 and older should have a formal risk assessment for breast cancer.
Request a mammogram or total breast ultrasound, find Women’s Health locations, cancer support group information and calendar events.

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  1. Ilene, I'm so proud of you. Through all that you have endured, you didn't miss a beat here. So happy to know you, super woman! :)