Breast Cancer Patient Says ‘Know Your Family History’


After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2009, Monica Johnson has made it a point to share with her daughter, and other women, the importance of knowing your family history. 

What if you found out you carried the breast cancer gene only after you’ve been diagnosed with cancer?

Monica Johnson woke up one morning and found a lump in her breast. A visit with her physician resulted in a devastating diagnosis: Breast cancer.

After her diagnosis, Monica researched her family history to learn her female ancestors carried the gene for it. This discovery prompted Monica to tell her daughter, as well as all other women, about the important of knowing your family history and getting proper screenings.

She has been receiving treatment at Renown Infusion Services since 2009 and credits the Infusion Services nurses for their support during a time in her life that she calls overwhelming.

“What I’ve learned from this whole experience is life is quite short,” says Monica. “Your life can change in the blink of an eye. Don’t let the small things hit you – deal with happiness.”

Monica shares what she has learned from her experience including how she stays happy and what the power of knowledge can do for your health.