Think Kindness to Benefit Others — and Even Yourself


Think Kindness is a non-profit organization that sparks Kindness Movements in schools and communities across the U.S. But the effects of these acts of kindness are more than just emotional. Local doctors assert: They are good for body, mind and spirit. 

think kindness chain

“I think it is important to do this because it makes other people happy, and that will make me happy,” learned Student Juan Garcia.

Students at Lincoln Park Elementary School took on a challenge to record their kind acts. The result: a 475-foot-long paper chain of good deeds. Local Think Kindness Founder Brian Williams, whose non-profit organization promotes kindness in schools around the United States, held an assembly at the school to get the children into the competition of kind acts and to collect used shoes for children in Africa.

Student Mauricio Lopez-Barajas says, “It helps other people when I be kind to them, and it helps change the world.”

Watch as Students Learn How to Think Kindness, Year-Round

Renown Medical Director of Integrative Medicine, Howard Chen, MD, agrees that kindness makes the whole world work a little more smoothly and improves our health in a number of ways. 

“Kindness benefits the neurotransmitters (brain chemicals that communicate information throughout our brain and body), specifically things like oxytocin, which promotes bonding and the feeling of love, as well as serotonin, which promotes the feeling of overall well-being,” explains Dr. Chen.

Think Kindness is a non-profit organization that sparks Kindness Movements in schools and communities across the United States. They have gathered a team of dynamic and inspirational speakers and thought leaders to create programs that not only talk about being kind, but inspire people to take action.
“…The goal is that the charge actually seeps out of the school walls and into the community,” Brian says. “During the assembly, they learned about children their very own age that were denied the right to attend school for the mere fact that they can afford a pair of shoes, and so for them to go into their closets and take out the shoes they don’t wear anymore and to know that a child their age halfway around the world can be allowed to go to school just showcases that you can make a difference in someone’s life without money.”
The Washoe County School District Redfield Community Outreach Program makes the Think Kindness program possible through grant dollars.