Patient-Centered Care: Renown Employees Design New Workspace

Renown employees in a variety of roles at all levels of the organization participated in a workshop to design a new patient-centered space that will benefit both patients and their care workers.

Twenty-five Renown employees got the rare opportunity to design a future workspace — the ninth floor of the Tahoe Tower, which will be transformed into a medical/surgical floor.

“We’re trying to do something revolutionary,” says Christopher Backous, 3P project leader and Virginia Mason Institute senior faculty member. “We’re trying to really go beyond what we know into something that would be really great. In fact, insanely great if we can pull off.” 

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This is the fifth 3P training Backous has done at Renown Health. A 3P event, which stands for production, preparation and process, empowers the people doing the work to design a system that will achieve an ideal future state.

“There are a variety of employees here and they are excited about being a part of something that very few healthcare workers will ever be a part of. They have the ability to change their work environment to make it better”, says Danielle Craperi, MSN, RN, CNML, director of nursing.

Renown employees in a variety of roles at all levels of the organization participated in this 3P workshop to design the new space as “patient centered.” 3P participants focused on several aspects of care, including social, financial, personal, medical and safety while also focusing their efforts around three phases of providing care including to recover, to restore and to return to health.

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