Guide to Green Superfoods


Superfoods come in many shapes and sizes. From acai berries to chia seeds, quinoa to kale, new superfoods seem to pop up every day.  What is a superfood? The common definition is that superfoods are nutrient-rich foods considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Since superfoods can sometimes be expensive, it’s best to buy in-season. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, let’s talk about green, in-season superfoods.

Guide to Green Superfoods1. Asparagus. Asparagus is at its peak in March! Why it’s a superfood: It’s full of antioxidants, glutathione (which helps detoxify and break down free radicals), and various other nutrients including vitamins A, C, E, and K.

How to eat it: Lemon and asparagus are best friends. You can roast, steam, or sauté asparagus. Toss it with a little olive oil and lemon juice and sea salt. Delicious and nutritious!

2. Artichokes. Why it’s a superfood: Artichokes have more fiber (a medium one contains 10 grams!) and antioxidants than any other vegetable. They also contain vitamins.

When you first look at an artichoke, you might find them a little intimidating, but don’t let that scare you from eating them. The easiest way to eat them? Steam them. Here’s a great video that shows you how.

3. Arugula. Why it’s a superfood: Other than being rich in vitamins A and K, it’s also considered a cruciferous vegetable, which means it may help protect against certain cancers. Unlike spinach, arugula is lower in oxalates, which can cause calcium insufficient calcium absorption for some people, meaning that arugula wins in the battle versus spinach. […]

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