One Genetic Test, A Second Lease On Life.

Watch Michael’s Story

“Genetic testing saved my life, it’s probably gonna save my children’s lives.”
Healthy, active and loving life as a husband and father. But there was a genetic condition lurking inside that would lead to surgery for a severely blocked artery. Later, genetic testing revealed Michael had both so-called “heart attack” genes. Enlightened and energized, Michael is now tackling his risk head on.

The Power of Genetic Testing

Michael’s story is among a rising tide of testimonials surrounding the power of genetic testing. For one person, it’s the power of finding new family. For another, it’s discovering a health condition you didn’t know you had and making the lifestyle changes needed to reduce your risk well into the future.

That is the goal of the Healthy Nevada Project to improve both individual health and our state’s overall health for generations to come.

This landmark study is one of the first in the country to return clinical results to study volunteers. This means participants are learning their risks for familial hypercholesterolemia (a genetic tie to high cholesterol), BRCA 1/2 (hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome), and Lynch syndrome (tied to endometrial and colon cancers). They are also learning what lifestyle changes they can make to reduce risk and prevent disease.

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Genetic Testing Locations

In addition to opting in to receive clinical results, study volunteers get access to ancestry information at no-cost and have a chance to pick a health and wellness app after completing a Project survey.
If you’ve already tested, please invite your friends and family (over age 18) to do the same!

Project Evolution & Expansion

Leveraging Renown’s forward-thinking approach to community healthcare and DRI’s data analytics and environmental expertise, the Healthy Nevada Project has quickly grown to become a larger, more complex research study of significance that will analyze and model public health risks in the Silver State. Watch these videos to see the Project’s record-setting expansion and evolution.

Support Our Work

The Healthy Nevada Project has already made great strides in just two years. The Project aspires to offer genetic testing to every Nevadan interested in learning more about their health and genetic profile.

As we continue to expand this innovative study, we are grateful for the community’s support.