Getting Back into a School Routine

Chelsea Wicks, MD, Renown Medical Group Pediatrics

As our kids head back to school, we all struggle to get back into the routine. Getting the kids up in the morning, trying to get breakfast in before they leave, making sure they have lunch. It can be very stressful. However, these things are vital to making sure our kids stay healthy and have the opportunity to excel in school.

83115983_yawning-kid_insideIn my opinion, the two most important things we can do as parents as we get back into the swing of things is ensure our kids have enough sleep and good, balanced meals.

One relatively easy way to know if your child is getting enough sleep is whether or not you have to wake them up in the morning. If they are able to wake up easily and on their own, they are likely getting enough rest. If it is a battle every morning, it is worth trying to slowly shift the bedtime a little earlier each night. I know this can be difficult with the amount of homework, sports and other activities, but it is crucial that they get caught up on sleep so they can concentrate at school, and for their overall health. […]

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