3 Activities to Entice Picky Eaters

Renown nutritionists share some fun ways to encourage children to choose healthy foods.

Getting your kids to eat their peas, broccoli and carrots can feel like a never-ending struggle. What’s a parent do to?

Nutritionists at Renown Regional Medical Center have a few tricks up their sleeves as part of National Nutrition Month to get kids to give up the healthy-eating fight. During their regular rounds at the hospital, our nutritionists have been handing out some fun, creative games about a healthy diet to our youngest patients that have them excited about nutrition and on the path to eating those veggies and making good food choices.

We thought we’d share these activities with you and your children so you too can can have some playtime with a purpose.


Children can use their detective skills to decipher secret messages about the nutrients in their foods.

Download the Secret Code activity sheet.


Encourage kids to pick their favorite foods in all the colors of the rainbow to encourage a colorful and healthful diet.

Download the Colorful Foods activity sheet.


Help kids understand how to eat more of the right stuff with this fun MyPlate coloring sheet.

Download the MyPlate coloring sheet.


The fun is endless. For more ideas, visit the Kids’ Place on MyPlate, and the Food and Nutrition section of our Kids Health Library.

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