Preparing for a Hospital Stay


Whether your visit to the hospital is planned or unplanned, you can be prepared for such an event. Our goal for your hospitalization is to keep you safe at all times. Following these easy steps will help us do just that:

When packing your bag for a hospital visit, include essential items such as your medication list, but don’t forget comfort items such as a robe and reading materials.

1) Bring your current list of medications available and ensure your emergency contact has the same list.

Why? We want to know all of the medications you are taking so we can prescribe those same medications while in the hospital, if it is safe to do so. This will also ensure that     your current medications won’t negatively interact with any new medications we may prescribe. Finally, this will allow us to provide you with an accurate list of your current medications and any new medications when you are discharged from the hospital.

2) Bring your advance directives, healthcare power of attorney and insurance cards.

Why? We need your advance directives and healthcare power of attorney information so we may follow your personal wishes. Copies of your insurance cards ensures that billing is properly handled.

3) Bring a current list of all physicians and other healthcare providers you are seeing.

Why? We want to make sure your providers know you are in the hospital so that we may provide information to them when you are discharged.

4) Bring your eye glasses, hearing aids, and dentures in a case with your name on them.

Why? While in the hospital, you will receive instructions for a safe discharge and these items are essential for your effective understanding of your discharge plans.

5) Bring a list of emergency contacts.

Why? With your permission, we want to be able to contact your key family and friends if necessary.

6) Bring your favorite pillow, bathrobe, house shoes, toothbrush or other toiletries.

Why? These personal items will give help you feel more at home during your stay.

7) Reading material always helps pass the time.

Why? We may not have your favorite book, magazine, or crossword puzzle available in the hospital so please feel free to bring them with you.

Please do not bring jewelry, wedding bands, wallets, purses, credit cards or medicines to the hospital with you.

If you have experienced hospitalizations in the recent past, have a “to go” bag with all your essential items available for the paramedics, friends or family to easily bring.

Please share this information with your nursing team. Your nursing team’s number one focus is your safety and following these easy steps will help ensure a safe stay in the hospital