Harmony and Healing: Music at the Bedside


Healing is more than getting quality medical care — it’s about the heart, the mind and the spirit. Watch how our Music at the Bedside program integrates care with the arts.

Every week, Judy Klatt welcomes a visitor that gives her something to sing about. Musician Colin Ross, who is part of Renown’s Music at the Bedside, brings his keyboard and guitars to give Klatt her own private performance.

“It gives me inspiration,” Klatt says. “It gives me joy in my heart.”

Music at the Bedside is part of Renown’s Healing Arts Program, which exists in concert with traditional medicine, says Kate Kalthoff, who oversees the program.

“I have a sign up in my office that says ‘medicine heals the body, but music heals the soul,'” Kalthoff says.

For the patients, Ross plays everything from classical and bluegrass to rock and roll.

“I’m a lucky person to get to enjoy his music as much as I have,” says Klatt, who enjoys listening to The Beatles. “My goodness — my own musician coming to see me and play for me. I’m truly lucky.”

To learn more about Renown’s Healing Arts Program, visit renown.org/HealingArts.