Artist Spotlight: Catherine Courtenaye


courtenaye_catherineThough born in Madrid, Spain, artist Catherine Courtenaye explores the practice of American penmanship during the 19th century by recontextualizing these artifacts in fields of color and language. Her paintings feature “off-hand flourishes” — ornate displays of the penman’s prowess — to create letterform birds. Each bird is meant to inspire viewers to improve and perfect their own penmanship

Courtenaye’s work has been featured in exhibits across the country and can be seen in private and public collections.

Bird 04
Oil on panel
Tahoe Tower

“By recombining, layering and embedding lines and images into fields of color, I hope to reanimate and give new expression to each bird.”

Sixteen works by Catherine Courtenaye are displayed at Renown Regional Medical Center.

About the Renown Art Collection
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