Sun’s Out, Gun’s Out: Try Resistance Bands for Strong Arms


If you’re ready to jump start your fitness routine for 2017, we’ve got you covered with an eight-part video series featuring easy-to-do resistance band workouts accessible for almost all fitness levels. The best part? No gym or fancy equipment needed. In the final installment of our series, we’re targeting the large muscle in your upper arm, the bicep.

Your bicep muscles: You use them anytime you raise your hand or bend your arms, or even screw in a light bulb or undo the lid from a jar. They may be the best-known muscles in the body — even kids love to flex their arms. 

In the eighth installment of our video series, Matt Gardner, health and wellness coordinator for Hometown Health, demonstrates easy-to-perform bicep exercises that are adaptable for any exercise level and age — even for those with mobility issues. These moves can be executed seated or standing, and with either a circular band or one that needs to be tied from end-to-end. If using the tied band, make the circle tighter for more resistance, looser for less.