10 Must-Do Winter Activities


Creative and fun ideas for a memorable, active season in the chilly outdoors.

 There are many reasons to love living in northern Nevada, but one of the biggest is its wide array of outdoor activities.

This season, bundle up and make winter activities a priority with this list of entertaining and adventurous things-to-do. Bonus — you’ll actually burn more calories because your body has to work harder to stay warm.  

  1. Organize a scavenger hunt
    Make food-colored ice cubes, or simply grab some fruits and vegetables, and hide them in a designated area in the snow. Watch as everyone tries to find them in this fun, all ages game perfect for a snow day!
  2. Light up your snow angel
    Not sure what to do with those glow sticks left over from Halloween night? Try burying them in the snow before you make a snow angel or place them in the yard before an anticipated snow storm (best with 2 to 4 inches of snow). When evening comes, watch your snow angel light up. 

    10 Must-Do Winter Activities
    Sometimes the best medicine isn’t medicine at all. Like getting outside and playing in the snow. Because your body has to work harder to stay warm, playing outside in the cold and snow can actually burn more calories than the same type of play in warm weather.
  3. Decorate your child’s playhouse
    For a fun and festive activity, place your child’s playhouse in the front yard and make a wreath for the door, laminate paper snowflakes and hang holiday lights along the roof and trim. This unexpected holiday decoration is sure to have your kids begging to go outside and play!
  4. Go for a Full Moon Snowshoe adventure
    Looking for a great way to enhance an upcoming trip to Lake Tahoe? Try a Snowshoe Tour by the Tahoe Adventure Company.
  5. Go Ice Skating
    The Rink on the River has a new home this year — outside the Reno Aces Ballpark. So strap on your skates and enjoy some family time in the nice crisp winter air — you’ll not only build leg muscles but also improve balance and flexibly.
  6. Dog Sled through the High Sierras
    Explore the Sierra Nevada Mountains like never before. Wilderness Adventures offers Dog Sled Tours with experienced mushers and eager huskies who love the outdoors.
  7. Golf in the snow
    Most of us know someone who loves golf so much they are counting down the days until they can dust off their clubs. But why not golf in the snow? Make a miniature course by planting plastic cups in the snow, creating hours of fun for all ages.
  8. Paint in the snow
    What makes a better canvas to paint on than a blanket of snow? Be as creative as you like or try painting pants on a snowman or sculpt a snow dragon and paint it different colors. The options are endless! To make snow paint: Combine food coloring and water in a spray bottle, and then spray it on the snow.
  9. Play footprint tag with the kids
    Tag, you’re it! This game is ideal after a recent snow fall where one person tries tagging the other, but only by stepping in the footprints made in wake of the first person.
  10. Surprise neighbors by shoveling their driveway
    Who doesn’t love a neighbor who surprisingly shovels your driveway? Get in the spirit of the season by gifting your neighbor with a clear (and safe) walkway this winter. Doing good for others makes you feel good, too!