Motivate U: Participants Weigh In After 8 Weeks


In the fifth installment of our series, Motivate U competitors discuss their progress after eight weeks in the program. 

This is Hometown Health’s fifth Motivate U, an eight-week free fitness challenge to help their insurance customers get on the path to better health. About 700 members of Hometown Health applied to compete in this year’s challenge. Ultimately 200 members were selected through a lottery.

Competitors receive a free membership to one of six gyms during the competition, which they are required to attend three days a week. 

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“If you want to reconstruct your body like I do, I saw results in two weeks,” says Motivate U participant Valerie Gordine.

Gordine and her husband, Mark, were paired with Evoke Fitness when they started the Motivate U challenge. Her goal was to get toned.

“I’ve changed my ways drastically,” Gordine says. “I feel really good about that. I changed my diet, as well as working out, which is a big part of it.”

Mark’s goal was to lose 10 pounds and lower his BMI.

“I’ve lost about 4 or 5 pounds, but really the muscle, adding the muscle has been the key,” Mark says. 

The next and final installment in the Motivate U series on BestMEDICINE will reveal the winner of the competition.