Get Strong! Full-Body Resistance Band Workout for All Levels


Ready to jump-start your fitness routine? We’ve got you covered with an eight-part video series featuring easy-to-do resistance band workouts accessible for almost all fitness levels. The best part? No gym or fancy equipment needed.

Our full-body strengthening moves can be performed seated or standing, using either a circular band or one that needs to be tied from end-to-end. To make the exercises more challenging, tighten the band to make the circle smaller. To lighten the resistance, loosen the tie on the band and make the circle larger.

For each exercise, begin with 10-15 repetitions. As you become more proficient, you can increase to 20-25 reps.

And always be sure to ask your doctor if you’re healthy enough to embark on a new exercise routine.

Resistance Bands for All

For our eight-part full-body workout, Matt Gardner, health and wellness coordinator for Hometown Health, demonstrates proper set-up and form for all exercises.

Hip Exercises

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Hips and Glutes Workout


Triceps Muscles

Hamstring Muscles

Stronger Shoulders

Quadriceps Muscle


Caring for Your Band

Gardner recommends storing the bands in a cool area out of direct sunlight to avoid drying, cracking and ultimately snapping. If your band has small tears or cracks, it should be disposed of before it snaps.

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