Calling All Weekend Warriors: Stretches for Tennis and Golf


In the second installment of our new series on stretching for sports, Matt Gardner, health and wellness coordinator for Hometown Health, demonstrates easy-to-perform stretches for tennis and golf that are adaptable for any exercise level.  Love sports like us? Join us for BestMedicine Night at the Reno Aces — we’ve got discount tickets just for you.

A proper warmup and stretch is needed for optimal performance for all athletes–especially for weekend warriors who may not be used to daily vigorous activity.

“Whether you have a 40 hour a week desk job or work in a very active setting, your muscles need preparation before you ask them to perform in your favorite activity,” says Matt Gardner, Hometown Health’s health and wellness coordinator. “Even if you worked out hours before your evening softball game or Saturday hike, your heart rate and core body temperature have returned to normal and your muscles and joints have switched back into relaxation mode.”

When warming up, try starting from the ground up. We use our legs and core in almost every form of activity, even if the focus is utilizing an upper extremity (baseball, softball, tennis, etc.). We might get so focused on warming our shoulder up (with good reason!) that we completely forgo our lower body and core, which leads to pulled or strained hamstrings, quads and lower backs.

Planning an extra 15 minutes for proper warmup will reduce the chances of certain injuries. In addition to your warm up, a proper cool down will help you recover and keep you off the couch and regretting your decision to be active. Being a weekend warrior is only enjoyable and rewarding if we are able to stay in the game or on the trail!   

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