Reno Toddler Thrives After Transplant With Mom’s Kidney


Three-year-old Eloise Baker was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease shortly after birth. Following a kidney transplant last year — with her mother as the donor — Eliose’s journey is getting a whole lot better. 

Eloise Baker is known as a “toddler extraordinaire” to the staff who have cared for her at Renown Children’s Hospital. The 2015 36 Hours for Kids Radiothon “poster kid” was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease shortly after her birth. She is now growing and thriving thanks to a organ donation from her mother, Kristen Baker.

“She’s finally back on her own growth curve, she’s gained a bunch of weight and she looks happy, and she finally gets to be more of the kid that she is,” Baker says. “She gets to go play with other kids and have fun.”

At 6 months old, Eloise was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, a disorder that damages the kidneys and causes too much protein to release into her urine.

Early last year, Eloise was in need of a kidney transplant. Fortunately, her mother was a perfect match.

In March 2015, 2-year-old Eloise was admitted to UC Davis Children’s Hospital for a kidney transplant, which began with removing her kidneys and putting her on dialysis for six weeks before the procedure.

Baker credits the generosity of the Children’s Miracle Network and the support of Renown Children’s Hospital for making it possible for Eloise “to still be a kid.”

“Everybody doesn’t think it’s going to happen to them and their children,” Baker says. “And everybody, at some point, will have to bring their kids into the hospital, and having it be a good experience is huge.”